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Osprey William V. Healey


William V. Healey

Published December 27th 2010
236 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

When bookworm Macy Bryant starts her senior year, she expects her biggest challenges to be taking her mother’s English class and completing her SAT. Then, the new guy everyone is talking about asks Macy out for her first date ever. And why does Clark Ransom, Macy’s next door neighbor and captain of the football team, seem so concerned about it? Hasn’t he dated head cheerleader Melanie since freshman year, and hasn’t he forgotten that Macy exists?Macy also doesn’t expect to have a year so full of secrets, like the unpublished manuscript written by her deceased father found forgotten in the attic that she’s afraid to ask her mother about or the disastrous date that makes Macy question whether she’s just too straight-laced to be “normal.” But the biggest secret of all is the one that binds Macy to Clark—and threatens to keep them apart for good.Only Macys faith in God helps to keep her on a straight path when the challenges of high school threaten to keep her from making good choices.